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Visma Connect in top 10 most innovative companies in the Netherlands

Visma Connect is one of 10 companies nominated for the Dutch Innovation Award 2021. This prize is awarded each year to the most innovative company in the Netherlands. The ten companies were chosen based on one of the most comprehensive surveys of innovation in the Netherlands: the Dutch Innovation Monitor.

Innovation Monitor

The Dutch Innovation Monitor interviews approximately 25,000 company representatives about the trends, direction and developments in the field of innovation within their company. From the participants, 600 companies are extensively analyzed of which, after a number of selection rounds and additional research, eventually 10 remain that have a chance to win the title "Most Innovative Company of the Netherlands."

Bid Award Visma ConnectEarlier this year, Visma Connect launched Visma Sustynex. The first cloud native platform for sustainability reporting based on a GRI Taxonomy. Using Sustynex, companies and institutions can create validated and standardized sustainability reports faster and share them with stakeholders or receive them from supply chain partners. With the upcoming CSRD regulations, this is becoming increasingly important for almost all (medium) sized companies in Europe.

Kim Andersen, Managing Director Visma Connect: “If you manage to get through to the ten most innovative companies of the Netherlands out of so many companies, that is a great compliment. We invest a lot in new ideas, new technology and the combination of the two. Sustynex is a good example of that. We used our XBRL knowledge to build a unique cloud platform that allows companies to report better and consistently, according to the most widely used reporting guideline in the world: GRI."

Accountability Reporting

Visma Connect is a specialist in accountability reporting, providing reporting platforms and infrastructure to companies, governments and regulators. Other nominees include: ASML, Mosa Meat, RobotWise and Stamicarbon.

The winner of the Dutch Innovation Award 2021 will be announced during the AVROTROS program 'The World of Tomorrow' (NPO1) on the evening of October 25, 2021.

About the Dutch Innovation Monitor

This research is conducted annually under the supervision of Professor Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at the UvA and is part of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam.

About Visma Connect

In the digital age, data is the most important commodity. This also means that we are sharing more and more data with each other, for all sorts of purposes. But how do you do that in a secure, fast and controllable way? Visma Connect is taking the lead. 

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