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Visma Connect partners with Odyssey 2020

In 2020, Visma Connect will again be a partner in the open innovation program Odyssey: "Odyssey Polaris" and the associated hackathon in Groningen from 2-6 April 2020. The largest and most important hackathon of its kind in the world.

Odyssey connects innovative ideas with governmental, corporate, and non-profit partners to address complex societal challenges using blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies. Through a series of industry events, hackathons, and a decentralised incubation program, we mobilize a global ecosystem of more than 6,000 members, among whom developers, creatives, startups, corporates, investors, governmental bodies, legal experts, regulators, scientists, and other key stakeholders.

At the third edition of the Hackathon in 2019 , 100 teams from all over the world, supported by hundreds of experts (altogether 1500+ people), have built new solutions to complex societal challenges, using blockchain, AI, and robotics. The challenges they’ve been working on have a major societal and environmental impact and involve many stakeholders. They simply cannot be solved by one organisation, industry or sector. They can only be solved through grassroots, mass collaboration and a new public digital infrastructure to enable such collaboration.

Join Odyssey

The fourth edition of the Hackathon takes place in Groningen on April 2-6, 2020. Team applications will be open from January 20 until February 24. Sign up for the Odyssey newsletter to get notified when the applications are live.

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