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Visma Connect to participate in TIBCO's Customer Success Series event

Visma Connect will participate in the second edition of TIBCO’s Customer Success Series event on Tuesday, March 22. Join us to explore the event’s main topics: accelerating innovation, improving operational excellence and confidently predicting business outcomes.

A range of TIBCO customers and business partners, like ABN AMRO, KLM, SMT Shipping, Ilionx and of course Visma among others, will attend. We will share insights on how to turn data into action and how to deliver real value. 

Sustainability data collection and aggregation

TIBCO Black logoToday, more than ever, businesses play an important role in addressing climate change and social issues. Organisations need sustainability data to inform and steer their strategy and business activities, from their choice of supply chain partners to their internal governance. 

Potential employees, customers and investors alike favour socially responsible organisations. Existing and upcoming regulations like the CSRD, The Supply Chain act in Germany and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act require (larger) businesses to disclose information about sustainability across their supply chain, including pressing social issues like human rights and human trafficking. This puts high demands on information gathering, aggregation and attribution. Processes and system integrity must be improved to ensure sustainability data is reliable and auditable. 

But collecting, aggregating and processing data that is stored in multiple systems is a gargantuan task. Visma Connect and TIBCO have joined forces to address this issue. We are excited to participate in this event and present our joint solutions and strategy.

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Participate in TIBCO’S Customer Success Stories Event

This live event will be hosted at Studio A12, Bunnik. You can register by clicking on the button below: 

Customer Success Series EventAgenda

  • Learn from SMT Shipping, the worldwide leader in bulk cargo transportation, how to drive data driven innovation, agility and operational excellence
  • Process automation, digital fraud detection and hyper automation to reinvent the customer experience and build a future proof bank by ABN AMRO
  • Taking airline operations to the next level with analytical insights and smarter decision making by KLM
  • Building your sustainability reporting practice with Visma
  • Innovation around process mining, IoT, edge computing and real-time analytics with the use cases of Invitalia and HULA Hospital by TIBCO LABS

TIBCO is committed to providing a safe environment and will adhere to safety protocols and take all proper precautions.

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