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Visma Connect and UC Group launch Loginex Carbon Intelligence, intelligent software for CO2 measurement, designed for the logistics sector

Den Haag / Rotterdam Visma Connect and UC Group launched Loginex Carbon Intelligence together with launching customer Jan de Rijk logistics. Loginex is a cloud-based software solution that allows companies to measure, analyse, allocate and reduce CO2 emissions.

With Loginex, companies throughout the logistics chain can create reports for their company and for their customers. European legislation will make CO2 emission reports mandatory for businesses from 2024 onwards. Governments will price these emissions in the future, following the example of Germany and Sweden. In these countries, CO2 rates increase every year. With Loginex Carbon Intelligence, Visma and UC Group are responding to a market need for better CO2 measurement and reporting. 

Measure and assign CO2 emissions

More and more companies are asking their suppliers to prepare CO2 emission reports to inform their sustainability policies. Calculating a company's total CO2 emissions is not complicated. The challenge lies in allocating them correctly to specific customers, suppliers or routes. Loginex calculates CO2 emissions based on the EN-16258 standard, which has been developed specifically to allocate CO2 emissions and is ISO-14083 ready. The calculation is made using actual data from journeys, cargo and fuel; respecting accounting rules. Using this methodology, the software generates accurate and reliable reports.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Besides measuring and assigning CO2, Loginex can pinpoint opportunities to reduce emissions. Depending on the cause, there are various steps that can be taken to achieve emission reductions. In almost all cases, a lower CO2 footprint also leads to cost reduction, for both companies and customers. 

A trustworthy solution

The output of the Transport and Freight Management Systems (TMS/FMS) is used as input for the CO2 emission calculation in Loginex. Calculations are made respecting data integrity using an intelligent data warehouse. That is why Loginex works in a transparent and reliable manner from an accounting perspective. The solution has been developed for and by shippers, transporters and forwarders. Loginex works with Dutch and foreign emission factors and is ready for future reporting requirements in the Netherlands and other EU Member States. Loginex is a subscription based solution featuring interactive dashboards. 

Enthusiastic Pilot Customers

Pilot projects with logistics service providers Baks Logistiek and Jan de Rijk show that companies can benefit greatly from reliable CO2 emission data. This allows them to sharpen their sustainability strategy and improve the quality of their business operations.

Jan de RijkCEO Jan de Rijk Logistics, Fred Westdijk: "Jan de Rijk Logistics has committed to an ambitious sustainability strategy, and to being a leader in it, where it is crucial to reliably and compliantly measure what the reduction initiatives achieve for our customers and for us. Loginex is helping us take big steps to execute these sustainability plans in a focused way where we are looking at both energy transition as well as more efficient and therefore sustainable use of existing assets."


UC Group and Visma Connect have already worked together on the management and adoption of iSHARE, a data sharing system for the logistics sector. The development of Loginex is a logical next step in this collaboration.

“The best solutions are created when specialists from different backgrounds work together,” says Pascal van Beek, UC Group. “During the development of Loginex, UC Group provided logistics knowledge in collaboration with logistics service providers” adds Kim Andersen, MD of Visma Connect “Visma translated this into user-friendly cloud based secure software.”

Emissions in the logistics sector

The logistics sector accounts for a large share of CO2 emissions and has been given a reduction target under the Paris climate agreement. This target can only be achieved by changing the fuels that we use, applying new technologies in vehicles, driving logistics optimization and stimulating behavioural change. It’s equally important to look at how emissions throughout the entire chain can be reduced. 

Leon Simons, Top Sector Logistics: "We welcome initiatives that lead to the proper application of Carbon Footprinting. We are also happy to support companies in their preparations for the ISO 14083 standard, with which CO2 emissions are calculated in an unambiguous way and can be allocated in the chain." 

Loginex is there for shippers, forwarders and transporters who want better insights and reliable emission data. Consultants and logistics service providers who want to provide their customers with reliable reports and data-based advice are also ideal customers.


More information about Loginex Carbon Intelligence can be found on:

About UC Group

UC Group is a consulting agency organised in a special network run by entrepreneurs. The network’s members are professionals in various supply chain and/or production environments.

UC Group believes in sustainable achievements. A good plan cannot remain a plan! That is why we support organisations on both an interim and project basis. Our professionals work together to deliver smart solutions as a team. 

About Visma Connect

Data is today’s most valuable resource. With digitisation increasing around the world, it’s becoming imperative for societies to have a safe, fast and verifiable means to share data for different purposes. Visma Connect is at the heart of this transformation. Just as energy companies provided the infrastructure to power the industrial revolution, Visma Connect is the utility company of the digital society.

About Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk Logistics (established in 1971) has been developing into a leading provider of European transportation, distribution services and associated contract logistics and supply chain management solutions in Europe. The business portfolio of Jan de Rijk Logistics is divided into four areas of operation. International transport, Benelux distribution and last mile deliveries, contract logistics and road freight forwarding.

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