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Visma Connect's XBRLValidPro Gets Top Certification

Visma Connect, a Standard Business Reporting leader, proudly announces that its XBRLValidPro is now an officially certified XBRL validating processor. This advanced validator improves reporting by validating and processing all formats of XBRL reports. Visma Connect is among the first Dutch firms with XBRL certification for modules such as Inline XBRL.

XBRLValidPro is crucial for validating taxonomies and ensuring data quality. The XBRL certification program guarantees that certified software products work together and can easily consume reports, regardless of origin.

Visma Connect Managing Director Sander Odijk said, "In a world of digital reporting, XBRLValidPro is vital for companies and regulators, ensuring international and national conformity to XBRL standards and reporting guidelines. Trusted by clients for over eight years, it has successfully processed and validated millions of reports."

Pioneering Data Validation with a reliable solution

Over the past few decades, Visma Connect has become a pioneer in qualified reporting and information exchange, developing applications that cover the complete life cycle of XBRL report creation, validation, rendering, and processing. 

Sander Odijk continues, “XBRLValidPro has passed extensive tests by XBRL International, proving its conformance to standards. As a leading XBRL software provider in the Netherlands and internationally, Visma Connect's certified status will gain more trust from governments, regulators and businesses.

About Visma Connect

Data is today’s most valuable resource. With digitisation increasing around the world, it’s becoming imperative for societies to have a safe, fast and verifiable means to share data for different purposes. Visma Connect is at the heart of this data exchange and offers all the necessary building blocks for the Digital Society.

About XBRL International Inc.

XBRL International is a global not-for-profit operating in the public interest. Their purpose is to improve the accountability and transparency of business performance globally by providing an open data exchange standard for business reporting.

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