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Visma | Raet and Visma Connect join forces for improved data transfer in healthcare

The healthcare sector is vital for society but faces challenges, such as complex schedules and planning, high absenteeism, and a high staff turnover.
Modern HR systems can significantly ease the burden on healthcare professionals by taking care of many administrative tasks. Nedap Ons is one of these systems, an integrated software suite that supports over 1,500 healthcare institutions in the Netherlands with staff planning and integration with electronic client records (ECD).

From Visma | Raet, we provide Youforce, a modern platform for complete digital HR administration. This platform enables employers to control all processes in the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to offboarding. The integration specialists at Visma Connect have developed an API connector for automated data transfer between Visma | Raet and Nedap applications. Thanks to this API, healthcare organisations and their employees can benefit even more from the power of these modern applications.

The API connector is flexible, allowing for easy configuration according to your organisation's specific needs. Healthcare institutions can select or exclude fields to tailor the API to their information requirements. This is especially valuable in the healthcare sector, where complex labour agreements, many employees, and specific employee data fields are crucial for efficient workforce management and planning.

Key functionalities and benefits:

Automated synchronisation: The connector ensures regular updates, preventing duplicate work and inconsistent data.

Bi-directional data flow: The connector enables seamless information exchange by transferring data between Youforce and Nedap Ons in both directions.

Time-saving: Automating data transfer saves valuable time and eliminates manual data entry and double-checking.

Error reduction: The connector eliminates manual data transfer, minimising the number of errors and inconsistencies.

Improved efficiency: A seamless integration streamlines HR activities, improving efficiency.

Flawless data transfer:

In conclusion, the new connector ensures a flawless transfer of HR data, resulting in time savings, fewer errors, and increased efficiency. Organisations can focus on strategic initiatives and valuable HR analysis instead of repetitive administrative tasks. The connector is a reliable solution to maximise the potential of HR processes and enhance employee satisfaction.

Continuing the conversation on integrations:

Curious about what our integration specialists can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions and explore how we can further optimise your HR processes. Whether it's streamlining staff planning, automating data transfer, or improving efficiency within your healthcare institution, we have the knowledge and experience to support you.

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