Watch AI and XBRL: Overcoming challenges to get from data to insights

XBRL is now the standard for financial reporting. Where reports used to be filed as PDF documents or Excel sheets, the XBRL standard has provided regulators with machine readable data. This has opened up a realm of possibility and many regulators are looking to AI to gather valuable insights from the data they receive. The question is, can algorithms be applied to XBRL data? Watch our webinar to find out!

The webinar covers:

  • How AI and XBRL can work together and how they differ
  • The processing steps needed to make XBRL data usable in AI initiatives
  • AI use cases in financial reporting and Visma Connect’s approach

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Jan-Paul van der Velden - Solutions Architect in Visma Connect.

Sicco Brakema - Marketing Manager in Visma Connect.