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Visma Connect wins Frends Best Partner Award 2021

Visma Connect has been recognised as a Frends partner of the year 2021. The award recognises the importance of collaboration in secure data sharing, to scale and maintain systems as well as highlighting Visma Connect’s expertise as an integrations specialist and their reliable, data-driven approach to sustainability accounting and reporting.

More and more companies, organisations and institutions are understanding the value of a data-driven approach to business. When it comes to connecting systems through APIs, having secure information exchange is crucial. That’s where partnerships between integration service providers can provide a highway between IT systems and make connections between them easy to develop, scale and maintain.

As an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) company, Frends has worked in partnership with Visma Connect integrating their service platform into client projects to deliver secure, qualified and trusted data exchange between applications. Visma Connect has been working for governments, supervisory authorities and companies since 2006 to ensure secure, accurate, correct and timely reporting of their most important and valuable information.

Now, the company has been recognised with Frends Best Partner Award in 2021, reinforcing the importance of reliable partnerships for secure data sharing. 

Visma Connect’s Nataliya Ilieva said: “Visma Connect is delighted to be awarded Best Partner 2021 by Frends. Today, companies use connected data and need to share information to keep their competitive position and answer the social pressure for transparency. As we navigate an evermore more data-hungry world, Visma Connect offers customers security and peace of mind in their reporting, across a wide range of agencies and stakeholders, all in one easy service application.”


For Nétive, a Dutch Vendor Management Software provider, Visma Connect provided and maintains the Frends integration. This enabled Nétive to build and re-use integrations to their software solution in a customer-focused, simple and fast way, whilst being cost competitive compared to other solutions. As the HR-Market has many software tools, by being able to exchange data in a secure and easy way by using Frends, Nétive remains on top of their game.  

In a digital age, data is the most important asset. Businesses that understand the importance of the digitisation of their information invest in software applications, and depending on the size of the organisation, they can use anything from a few dozen to a hundred cloud applications and tools daily. With Visma Connect, organisations can connect their systems and share data securely and reliably without undue access or modifications. Visma Connect’s Integration services provide the tools to make integrations easy to develop, grow and maintain. The platform combines the power and speed of the cloud with many years of experience in information security, guaranteeing a reliable and quickly installed solution.


Frends is a low-code integration-platform-as a-service on .Net stack. With Frends, clients can develop, manage and secure all their API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive. Frends iPaaS helps various IT and software consultancies extend their solutions offering and deliver extra value to customers through integrations. With Frends, enables customers to deliver high-quality integration and automation solutions on top of IT services, and speed-up API development. 

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