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EBPI is happy to announce that we are now a Sovrin Steward!

As a steward, not only will be running a node locally in the Netherlands, but we’ll be contributing to the community (led by the Sovrin Foundation) directly in line with our mission of qualified information exchange.
In our current position as a market leader, identity management and interaction with government processes is crucial. By becoming a Sovrin Steward we will be on the fore front of bringing another avenue of qualification and identification to citizens, organizations and enterprises world side.
We look forward to participating actively within the Sovrin Governance to support the Sovrin Trust Framework. Besides this community involvement, we’ll be working in parallel on bringing solutions to the market based on self-sovereign techniques applied to certain use cases. Starting somewhere is key and building strong partnerships is necessary to establish solutions that are easy to use, easy to understand while still maintaining a high level of security and control for the individual. Personal data management and digital identification are difficult problems with global scales and we look forward to the challenges in this domain. 
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