Earth Day ontbijt

Watch 'Earth Day Breakfast session'

Watch the recording 'Earth Day Breakfast session'

One of the biggest challenges on the road towards sustainability is handling sustainability data throughout the supply chain.

Accumulating, processing and attributing sustainability data and combining these with internal data is key to get actionable insights. It is also mandated by regulations such as the upcoming CSRD, CSDD, The Supply Chain Act and recent court decisions. 

Discover Earth Day Breakfast session in short:

  • Sport as a laboratory for a sustainable society by Marcelien de Koning
  • Responsibility for the natural environment does not end at your doorstep, but must include the supply chain by Prof. Julia Hartmann

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Professor Julia Hartmann

Julia Hartmann, Professor of Sustainability: EBS UNIVERSITÄT

Professor Hartmann is Germany's leading expert on climate change, energy transition, sustainable supply chains, CSR, sustainability reporting and compliance. In addition to her work as a professor, she is a sought-after speaker at conferences and for television appearances.

Marcelien de Koning

Marcelien de Koning, chef de Emission  NOC*NSF. 

Three-time World Sailing Champion and winner of Olympic silver at the 2008 Games in Beijing. After her impressive and unique sailing career, Marcelien is committed to sustainability in sport as chef de emission of the NOC*NSF (The Dutch Olympic committee) and to the North Sea as: Mayor of Your North Sea.