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Watch 'Discover the ESG Clearing House'

Founding members ABN AMRO, Signify and Visma invite you to join their webinar: Discover the ESG Clearing House.

The ESG Clearing House is a market-led, collective solution that enables the standardised exchange of all sustainability metrics.

The ESG Clearing House was founded to raise the quality of sustainability data to the same level as the quality of financial data and solve the ESG data challenge that many corporations face.

Discover the ESG Clearing House in short: 

  • The ESG data challenge
  • Shared benefits for all participants
  • Raising the quality and auditability of standardised ESG data
  • Why you should join the ESG Clearing House
  • How to become involved in the ESG Clearing House governance

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Tjeerd Krumpelman, Global Head of Advisory, Reporting & Engagement, ABN AMRO

Juliette Gaussem, Head of ESG Reporting, Signify

Victor den Bak, Solution Architect, Visma

Erik Breen, Sustainability Advisor for Visma